Read-write Technology for Bionanochains

A collaborative project has been formulated to enable the development of a read-write technology to process bionanochains – linear chains of specific sequences of coated nanoparticles linked into flexible chains.  It involves the use of electronically active nanosystem pores, engineered to sense and actuate local environments, to detect and manipulate nanoparticles. The author is interested in pursuing this further with scientific partners: in particular, we are looking for a qualified fabrication partner: sensors, micro/nanofluidics and nanopores on CMOS. Other partners already identified include

  • Electrochemistry partner: electrochemical sensors and actuators 
  • Physicochemical partner: nanopore sensing and bionanochain characterisation
  • Nanoparticle partner: Janus NPs
  • CMOS electronics partner.

For further information please contact the author.

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