Lablets: Autonomous Microscopic Electrochemical Particles

Lablets were conceived by John McCaskill in 2011-12 and developed in an EU Project MICREAgents 2012-2016, and a follow on EON Seed Grant 2016-2017.

The basic conception was published in 2012.

Lablets are micro-particles equipped with on-board power, microelectrode based actuators and sensors controlled by low power digital CMOS electronics.

The first lablets were constructed during the MICREAgents project.  Two lablets on the scale of 140x140µm each, optimised during a short follow on project  (EON Seed Grant) are shown below. They contain a custom super-cap to store power, additional coated microelectrodes for sensing and actuation, and a structured micro channel and chamber layer for chemical isolation and processing, as well as silicon electronics for control and programming.

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